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Yin Yoga.... What's All The Fuss About?

Everybody's talking Yin....Mention the word Yin to any Yogi in the know and they look at you and nod slowly, smile and whisper the word "ahhh". After hearing this numerous times I decided I needed to find out more.

Those of you who take my classes and workshops know that I'm interested in more than just making shapes with Yoga. Meditation, pranayama, balance and calm are central to my Yoga practise and teachings. I loved learning about Restorative Yoga in my training and one person suggested Yin was similar to this... so I thought it might be something for me to add to my Yoga studies.

I should also say that my journey into Yoga as a professional at this point in my life was to be able to help people mobilise and strengthen their bodies (and mine) - I see flexibility and mobility, what Bernie Clark (see later) would call Functional Yoga, as equally important to the spiritual, mindful and meditative Yoga I guide. I was DELIGHTED to discover that Yin Yoga encapsulates all of the above.

So...Last week I spent 50 hours training with the fabulous Bernie Clark.

And now I'm delighted to be able to offer Yin Yoga as a class from September. There will also be an introductory workshop for those of you who want to learn more before signing up for a block of classes. All I can say is that I find it amazing, magic and wonderful. My flexibility is hugely improved and the release of tension is addictive with of course the added acupressure along the 'meridians' and the magic ingredient of time for release and time for meditation.

Yin classes are slow and meditative and work on finding your 'edge' in a pose, and holding it for a number of minutes to release maximum tension. It lengthens the connective tissues and leaves you feeling fabulous.

I'm going to let Paul Grilley, one of the founders of Yin Yoga and Bernie's teacher explain more to you here

If you want to experience this phenomenon for yourself, if you want better flexibility and optimal health is your intention then please do join one of the classes or the workshop. I anticipate they will be really popular classes as people discover the "ahhh".

See my website to check out availability and book

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