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Moving Online

The world is a different place... and we are adapting!

This morning I led an online class with participants from Scotland, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Stevenage, The Midlands, London, Hertfordshire.. how lucky we are to live in this age of technology!

And the class.... well, there are definitely some positives to being part of a class in your own living room (or patio). Unlike a video there is opportunity at the end for feedback and to say hello to everyone else. It’s not like “the real thing” but maybe it’s the “new real thing”.

The participants were much more focussed, I believe, on what they were doing and there was less opportunity to become competitive with other class members.

I’m running these classes every day for a while, exploring different areas of Yoga. Today was very much a beginners gentle flow, tomorrow is relaxing and restorative, Thursday is much more flowy... but at least they give us an hour away from what is without, and help us to focus within.. and that can only be a good thing.

I was never taken with the idea of online teaching before, but now I’m fully embracing it - and I really don’t think it’s going.

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