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Know Your Asana!

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Did you know that the poses we use in Yoga classes are not just stretches?

Did you know that each pose has a specific effect on the body? Calming, Energising Etc..

Did you know that certain poses are said to have health benefits for different parts of the body?

Do you know “sort of” how to do a Warrior 1 or a Tree pose but would like to know how to do it exactly right?

Would you like to discover the secrets of Asana which go beyond just making pretty shapes?

A number of my students have said recently that they would really like to do a bit of in depth work on the poses we use in our classes.

A series of one hour sessions which include an in depth study of around 6-10 Asana. The sessions are limited to only 4 students per session so more time can be spent individually aligning and modifying.

Ideal for beginners or anyone wanting to learn more about Asana.

The first class will be Tuesday 2nd June at 4pm and will cost £10 per session.

Contact to book!

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