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A Yoga Class A Day...

My other life is as a professional musician, Choral Conductor and Singer. I always say to my Choirs that I believe there is a choir for everyone - and I believe the same is true of Yoga, there is a Yoga for everyone.

I’ve just completed two weeks of teaching Gentle Flow and Restorative Yoga to the same group of delightful people every weekday... many of them had been to a Yoga class before, but few of them were aware at the start of our 9 sessions that Yoga is more than just Asana... and if they were, the classes they had been to didn’t do the “spiritual stuff”.

So I have been absolutely delighted with the way this group of intrepid living room Yogis and Yoginis have taken on board my unashamed attempts to introduce Chakras, Gunas, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama and even Chanting and run with it!!!

My group now know that Yoga has eight limbs, and is not just an asana practise and they are feeling so much better for it!

The proof will come when we see if they sign up for anymore you say??? They all have!!!!!! I’m thrilled ❤️

if you feel you’d like to join us - we will now practise Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11am on Zoom. Contact me at for more details or see our Facebook page!!!

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