At Everywoman Yoga we specialise in small classes - currently online via Zoom. Our mission is to bring the benefits of a regular Yoga practice to anyone and everyone who wants to know more.

At Everywoman Yoga we provide blocks of classes which introduce Beginners and continuing Yogis and Yoginis to Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga,Yin Yoga and Yogic Philosophy. Please click on the links below which will take you to my booking portal (it will come up as JulieBaleMusic). 

If you would like to try a class before booking a block please contact me by email here.

For insurance purposes classes can only be taken after completion of a health questionnaire click on the underlined link!! Health Questionnaire and Liability Waiver (For insurance)  



A Slow Class for Meditation and Flexibility and optimal Spine and Hip Health

Yin Yoga uses a deliberate slow asana practice to encourage emphasis on meditation and improve flexibility. Classes are booked in a block of 6 and the current fee is £30 per block from September. Monday mornings at 11am. To book an individual session please email me. There will also be an introductory workshop on September 12th Click here for details BOOK NOW 


A Gentle, Slow Flow

This is a class based around themes such as Chakra Balancing, The Gunas and The Yamas and Niyamas. The themes change on a regular basis, but the class is suitable for all. These classes currently run on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11am. The class is booked in 6 session blocks costing £30. BOOK NOW for September



A Workshop in Poses

This monthly workshop is a small group (no more than four participants) workshop. We choose a number of popular asana and work on them intensively. These take place on Tuesdays at 4pm. The cost is £10 per participant BOOK NOW


For the Dedicated Yogi

Some of you may prefer to have an hour's session with me alone. For a beginner or someone who wants to delve that little bit deeper into Yoga than we can do in a class. These sessions are available for you. I am working with a lockdown price of £40ph - but after lockdown this will revert to £60ph. Contact Me to Book



Equipment and Safety

To take part in the online class you will need:

  1. A Yoga Mat - preferably with space around you so you don't knock anything over. (Yoga Alliance recommend 2 metres space).

  2. A Blanket

  3. A Cushion

  4. A Bolster (or pillow if not)

It is important that you are on level ground for balancing poses and that your area is free of obstructions. 

When you step onto your mat you should be stepping into a safe place where you can leave the outside world and be away from disturbances and intrusion.

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