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I came to Yoga as a teacher in my early 50s. The desire was always there. I knew I would go down this path at some point but I always felt that I wasn't bendy or skinny enough. One day though I got the tap on the shoulder and it would not go away. I found the wonderful Charlotte Esmé of Awakening Grace School and my training has been joyful. I qualified as an RYT200 (Yoga Alliance) teacher and then added a specialism in Yin Yoga training with the wonderful Bernie Clark. My calling is to work with women of all ages and shapes, helping to bring Balance and Calm. I have been a successful Vocal Coach, conductor, choir leader and singer for the past 30 years and my dream is using all of these skills to empower, strengthen and give joy. I currently guide Yoga Classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays and have a very loyal and quickly growing following of women (and men) who take gentle flow and Yin Yoga Classes. A number of my students are also in the music world and join me for the fusion Singing and Chakra workshops. In 2021 I began a new specialism in Menopause Yoga - an area which is currently woefully lacking in information and support for women in the third part of their lives!